Writing Update: A Week to Remember

I’m currently sitting in a car, waiting to eventually get home. Why am I sitting in a car you ask? I’m traveling of course! Why else would I sit in a car? Well, Except for the times that I am….

But anyway, we’ve been on the road since 10:15pm, and is now 1:20pm the next day. My poor, and wonderful mother has gotten snatches of sleep in the past 30 hours. I drove for several hours once the sun was up, and will probably drive again once we are through the busier roads. We’ve only got two hours more to go! Hurrah!


However, I’m starting from the ending.

Allow me to start at the beginning.

But not the very beginning, we’d have to go all the way back to 2013 for that.


Instead let’s go back about three weeks ago, when this plan was confirmed. If it could even have been called a plan. With a map drawn on a piece of paper, no fixed place to stay, and only a vague idea of what we were going to do once we got there, it was more like a spontaneous road trip across several states.


Destination of the road trip: Chincoteague Island, Virginia.

Duration of the trip: One week.

Reason for the trip: To stalk famous authors.


Well…. It’s not exactly stalking if they knew you were coming and were happy about it. And I don’t know how to measure fame, but to me they’re famous. I do know they are some of my favorite authors, and my good friends. So yeah, I followed my favorite authors around on their vacation. It was one of the coolest weeks of my life!


WARNING THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS: Much Fan-Girling, praise, and biased opinions. Because these people are so freakin awesome! As proclaimed by me, their official fan-daughter.


I was with my people. Because not only are they writers, their sons are too, as well as one of their other friends who was there. We had a whole troop of Word Smiths, World Builders, Character Creators, and all that goes into carefully crafting something that does not exist. As I said, my kind of people.


For a whole week it was all relaxation, laughs, and stories. The filters I have in place, (so that I don’t scare the rest of humanity too much) were reduced – since everyone there was just as quirky and weird as me in some way or another. It’s a great feeling letting loose and knowing I won’t scare the Normals.  And even if I do, everyone else is talking about how we will buy a private island just for writing, when we are all rich and famous authors, and train the sharks to guard it and the dolphins to bring us fish. We discussed crazy names for it, all on a public tour boat. Or when laughing and cringing about how cruel we are to our characters in a fudge and taffy store, I’m doing it with L Jagi Lamplighter, who wrote one of my favorite series. So I really don’t care what anyone else thinks while I’m practically dying at the mention of a rubber ducky 😉

We spent much time playing games, going to the beach, seeing wild ponies, and going around the cute and peaceful little island. And I spent much time laughing, (somethings to the point of not breathing) at John C Wright, who is the other favorite author of mine – one of the funniest men I’ve ever met. He’s also a brilliant writer, so I picked his brain and talked about the craft of writing whenever I could. Chilling and talking with my favorite authors about our stories and ways to make them better was surreal and awesome. Man…. it was an amazing week.


However, there was one thing that topped the whole trip off. (Or really began it, since it happened first.)


On Monday after we arrived, we met up with them after they had settled in. It had been almost two years since I’d visited them. I was understandably excited, and the fangirl was very present. Mrs. Wright read me an email. It was an email about a story I’d submitted awhile ago. But being in a hyperactive state, it wasn’t until I was back in the hotel, answering the email I had received about my story, that the shock finally wore off. And it began to sink it.


My story had finally been reviewed.

My story had been accepted.

I would be paid for my words.

I was officially an author.


And that is all I will say. At any rate, this week was the most incredible and surreal week of my life. It. Was. Amazing.



And if anyone is interested in books with Sci-Fi, wizards, cheer-weasels, space cowboys, space princesses, and all manner of awesomeness, go read some of their books. I’ve never been disappointed


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