Winners of the First Ever Dragon Awards!!

You have heard of the Nebula awards, you’ve heard of the Locus Awards, and you’ve certainly heard of the legendary Hugo awards. But now there’s a new award in the world of science fiction and fantastical stories. Introducing…

The Dragon Awards!


A new, and totally fan-based award. Given, by the fans, to authors whose stories pleased the fans, as determined and voted for, by the fans.

Do you see a theme here?


In case you hadn’t heard, there’s been a bit of controversy surrounding the Hugo awards. What was once one of the greatest and best regarded awards in science fiction, seemed to be caring less about the quality of a story, and giving out awards on whether they filled an agenda. The stories were often boring, thus failing at what a good story was meant to do, be entertaining. Because who wants to read boring message fiction when they came for epic space adventures?

This was the problem with the Hugo Awards. It had turned into a closed group that cared only about what the story preached and if the author had the Right Think, and little about whether the story was actually good. And heaven forbid if some Wrong Fans demand the awards be given to stories fans actually liked!

But our genre was built on pulp fiction!

The early stories explored all sides of a verity of politics and beliefs, without taking away from the entertainment of the story!

Do we want our beloved genre and awards to be run by people who hate others having the Wrong Fun and are shunning and attacking those who don’t subscribe to their warped ideology?

Of course not!

The Ministry of Truth and Morlocks are things I’d prefer to stay in the stories in which they were presented.


The way the Hugos were being conducted was not only a slap in the face to the fans, it was the leading cause in puppy related sadness. This was a wrong that had to be righted, for both fans and puppies.

For three years, we’ve campaigned to bring the awards to stories that fans actually enjoy. The fight has been fierce, but the progress has been slow. Some may have lost hope that the Hugos will ever be redeemed. But I don’t think we’ll give up that easily.

However, in the meantime there is hope in ending the puppy related sadness. At last, there is a remedy for fans and puppies alike! That is, as I mentioned before…


The Dragon Awards!


Let this day go down in history! And let it be commemorated every year with puppies freed to run and rejoice; their joyful barks ringing through the towns and homes!

So without further ado or back story, I present the winners from the first ever Dragon Awards!


Best Science Fiction Novel

Somewhither: A Tale of the Unwithering Realm by John C. Wright


Best Fantasy Novel

Son of the Black Sword by Larry Correia


Best Young Adult/Middle Grade Novel

The Shepherd’s Crown by Terry Pratchett


Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel

Hell’s Foundations Quiver by David Weber


Best Alternate History Novel

League of Dragons by Naomi Novak


Best Apocalyptic Novel

Ctrl Alt Revolt! by Nick Cole


Best Horror Novel

Souldancer by Brian Niemeier


Best Comic Book

Ms. Marvel


Best Graphic Novel

The Sandman: Overture by Neil Gaiman


Best Science Fiction or Fantasy TV Series

Game of Thrones – HBO


Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Movie

The Martian


Best Science Fiction or Fantasy PC/Console Game

Fallout 4 by Bethesda Softworks


Best Science Fiction of Fantasy Mobile Game

Fallout Shelter by Bethesda Softworks


Best Science Fiction of Fantasy Board Game

Pandemic: Legacy by ZMan Games


Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Miniatures/Collectible Card/Role Playing Game

Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game (7th edition) by Chaosium Inc



Congratulation to the winners and all those nominated!



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