What Are You Writing For?

“What are you writing for?”

I was once asked this by someone who had just met me. The question caught me slightly off guard, and gave me cause to pause. For how do I sum up something that is so much a part of me, so much embedded in me that I wouldn’t be the same person without it? I do not write for a task. Like a school project, as the questioner had assumed. No, I write for something more abstract, something uncontrollable. And so, after a few moments of reflection, I answered:

“Where do I begin?

First off, you should know I’m not normal.

I have a lot of imaginary people that live in my head.

And if left alone they drive me crazy,

So I have no choice but to write them into stories.

I am a teller of tales, a weaver of wonder, a professional day dreamer.

In other words….

I am an author.”

I write because I can’t imagine doing anything else. One such as I cannot simply not write, Muse would not allow it, and wouldn’t haven’t it any other way.

That was my answer.


So…. what  is yours? What are YOU writing for?



2 thoughts on “What Are You Writing For?

  1. For the greater glory of God. 😉

    And for joy, and for wonder, and for magic. And because if I wasn’t a writer, I would just be a crazy person with characters talking in my head.

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