The Wright Stuff! Ft. Cheer Weasels!

Attention fellow Wright fans! There is a new store filled with all things Wright!

Introducing, The Wright Stuff!

T-shirts and mugs, tote bags and clock, even a pillow and playing cards! With all your favorite characters from all your favorite Wight stories!

And not to mention, Cheer Weasel merch! (designed and draw by yours truly.)

cheer_bag_large_tote_bag-r7d88e5ddb3df4369b79c7802033fe31e_v9w72_8byvr_512   got_cheer_bag-rdb145b8542f341f0a0b215e066592e0b_v9w6h_8byvr_512

I love Cheer Weasels, and anything cheer. It’s the reason my favorite soft drink is Cheerwine, and why I made a giant, seven-foot rainbow scarf in the shape of a Cheer Weasel. Because I love them!

So you can expect many products of cheer, by my handy work, coming to The Wright Stuff in the future!

(And if you don’t know what a Cheer Weasel is, what are you doing with your life! Go do yourself a favor and read the The Prospero’s Daughter series by L. Jagi Lamplighter. Admittedly, the Cheer Weasel doesn’t come in until the later books, but it is very useful for lifting your spirits when you’re stuck in Hell looking for your father.)

And don’t forget you can have some cheer along with your morning coffee!

Got Cheer? Mug

Or take a bit of cheer wherever you go with a t-shirt!

Got Cheer? T-shirt

Go take a look, and have fun browsing all the cool items!





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