Poem: Frozen Falling Stars

Standing on the beach

With sand between my feet,

I had a realization

A new way to think.

The stars do not hang,

Like idle ornaments.

They are not pin pricks,

poked through some dark velvet.

The sky is not a ceiling,

Not a cap upon this earth.

The stars are not hanging,

They are falling.

The sky is no roof,

But an abysses.

I see them frozen,

To me they are still.

But really what I see

is only a reflection,

of where they used to be.

They are forever falling,



And dying.

Forever  they are flying.

I see them hanging frozen,

Billions of light years away.

Yet I feel they are falling

Down on top of me,

In the most peculiar way.

It is not a roof that covers my head

It is a jungle.

With things unknown,

And things still hidden.

Like the ends the ends of vines lit with flame,

The stars hang.

The first hand holds,

To a magnificent world

So cold, and far away.

If I could but reach far and high,

And wrap my hands around these vines.

To pull myself from this world

Into the depths of space’s realm,

This night-time jungle of oblivion.

Yet I can not even begin to reach,

These stars

falling on top of me.

From their brilliance to their fade,

From night to day.

They glow, they fade,

Always the same.

But always falling, far away

Always fighting, always flying,

Through the deepest space.

At the sky do I stare,

In its awe I am ensnared,


What else could be there?

In that deadly abysses.

From midnight to noon,

They are follow the moon,

Staying just outside our world,

Slowly falling through eternity.

The stars are falling upon my head,

I cannot see them, but they are there.

Falling, falling,

Like frozen hail

As I wake,

As I eat,

As I work and as I sleep

They are there, just not seen.

But I will never reach them,

The stars and I will never meet.

Too far to reach,

I only touch them in my dreams.

For, the stars

Though alive,

Lighting the night sky,

Will never be at me side.

Even if I lay here til I’m dead,

I will never reach the stars

That are forever falling,

Falling on my head.


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