A-Musing Adventures: The Hermit’s Home Pt 1

It was dark, until I found the switch to the disco ball.

The shimmering light danced around cluttered comportment. Opera singers with thick accents sang over ancient speakers. And the little old dwarf  hummed along with the heavy rumble of his drill.

Muse sat on my lap, purring softly, his blue butterfly wings were folded around him. He entertained himself by following the dancing lights with his sharp, green eyes, and twitching his tail in time with the music.

It was actually a rather relaxing space, and far more roomy than one would expect for the driving cabin of a dwarf’s drill-home.

“So…..” I asked when I’d had my fill of peace and quiet, “this is nice.”

Mr Jenkins jumped, and the drill-house went bump.

“M-m-my apologies,” Mr. Jenkins said with a terribly sad and apologetic glances thrown back my way.

I couldn’t suppress an amused grin, “You forgot I was here, didn’t ya?”

The beard around Mr. Jenkins’ cheeks seemed to turn pink, “S-s-s-sorry, I don’t mean… it’s just….”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I get it, you’re a hermit, you’re not used to entertaining guests,” I reassured him with a warm smile.

Muse was not so gracious.

“Eh, I’m bored,” he said, and in one fluid motions he’d sprung from my lap, bounded off Mr Jenkins’ chair and was chasing the disco lights around – swatting at them like they were bugs he could smash.

“Muse!” I scolded, rising from my seat. My head connected with the ceiling rather suddenly. “Ow!” I plopped back down, rubbing the lump forming on my head and glaring at the deceptively low ceiling.

“U-u-uh. M-m-m-m-miss? Help!” cried the distraught dwarf. Muse was now on Mr. Jenkins’ balding head and swatting at his beard.

I gave my cat a glare that made it clear I was about to hurt him in 3…. 2….

Muse stuck out his little, pink tongue in defiance. Then with a twitch of his tale, he run out through the curtain of beads cover the cabin door.

“Uuuugh! You cat!!” I shouted as I stormed after him – leaving poor Mr. Jenkins abruptly alone and bewildered.

Barreling into the hall outside cabin, I tried following where I thought Muse had gone. But there was so little light, and I immediately tripped over something I couldn’t see.

Getting up, I collected myself and listened for the sound of something crashing. I didn’t have long to wait before I hears something clattering to the ground, followed by a feline hiss. I turned down the hallway and went after him, bumping my shins on everything along the way.

The sounds of Muse’s mayhem led me to a small, oval-shaped room. He was in there, I knew that, I just didn’t know where – because here, too, it was dark.

I paused, thinking to myself, “To catch a cat, you must be a cat.” And so with my most fiendishly feline grin spread across my face, I crouched and waited. There was a rustle, and a flicker of movement. I wiggled my hunches, and pounced.

My hands closed around sleek fur, and from that fur issued a loud “Mmmmmmmeeeeeeeoooww!!!”

Together we tumbled. On the way to the ground we must have knocked something over, because the next thing I knew we were pinned to the ground with things falling on our heads. When everything settled, I tried to get up. Problem was, there was some something very large and very heavy laying across my legs and stomach, and it wouldn’t budge. I was stuck.

Realizing this I stopped struggling and stared into the darkness, “Oh sh-”

To be continued



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