Writing Update: Halloween Style

Oh! Hello, I didn’t see you there on my porch!

You ask if this is a trick? No no no, I have only treats.

What? You want candy? Sweets? No I don’t have any of-

Wait! Oh don’t go! I just remembered I have something… uh… somewhere. Maybe some extra cookies. But listen, I have another kind of sweets, a sweet to the mind, a melody to the ears.

What is it you ask? Why a conversation dears! A conversation!

What… no! don’t leave, I’ll show you how it’s done. See, I’d start out with something like “Hello, how are you?” then you’d replay with an “Hi, I’m well, how are you?” Give it a try.

“Howdy, how are you doing today?”

Yes! Yes! Now you are getting the hang of it!

And now we can start with a subject of conversation. So you just asked me how I am, so I can say “I’m doing pretty good. I’ve been so very busy. You know… with starting a part-time job, and my dance classes starting, and trying to make sure I still study….”

Now you can nod and smile sympathetically. Yes! Exactly right! And you’re big eyes add a convincing effect!

And now I can add, “Yes, it’s been challenging. Especially since my passion and madness is writing. I don’t have as much time, but I still write as much as I can. It’s slower than before, but at least it’s not backwards! Am I right!?”

Um… this is the part where you’d give a good-natured laugh but…. ahem we can work on that later.

At this point you’d help continue the conversation by, for example ask a question. And for further example, you could ask, “Oh you Write? What do you write about?”

“Well! Since you asked, I have a trilogy I’ve been working on, although it has been sadly and unintentionally pushed to the side for the moment. But I’m hoping once I get some other side projects done I can get back to focusing on it. It’s going pretty great! I just have some world building and plot I have to fix up.”

Good job with the smiling and nodding like you care! You’re getting good at this!

“I’ve also got another story I really want to get illustrated, but I’m a little stuck on how exactly I will accomplish this. I have a few I ideas, but little time to really test them out. It’s been an eventful time, but at least things are never boring! So how have you been?”

Trick or treating? Well, I suppose it is the kind of thing to do today.

Oh, you’re bored? You want candy? Well… heh, don’t well all?!? Ha ha ho ho ha! ah-

You’re not laughing?

That wasn’t funny was it?

You are insisting for your candy now? Under threat of lightsaber, magic, and child rage?

Alright alright… here’s the Kit Kats and Reese’s. I only serve the best.

Now… now would you like to continue our conversation? A bit of healthy human interaction….?

Oh you’re going to the next house now. Well

“Happy Halloween!!”



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