Poem: A Year Since

Has it already been a year, my dear,

Since you last were here?

A year since I saw your face,

A year since you were in my space.


A year since together we walked,

Face to face we talked.

A year since you hung close at my side,

A year since we had to say good-bye.


Have you recovered your heart at last?

After I stole it away so fast?


Young love, too immature,

Too fast and too far,

But something that shaped us into who we are.


Remember that evening?

Remember those feelings?

Oh how I cried staring into your eyes

But despite my fears

The pain didn’t outlast the year


Such struggle, such strife,

When a love just isn’t right.

Pulled away, kicking and screaming,

But eventually the tears stopped streaming.


For the best

To settle this unrest

Even though I did protest,

The time did the healing.



Now, so much has changed,

In so many ways.

I am no longer the girl you swept away,

You, no longer the boy I dream of all day.


First love,

First heartbreak.

What a ride that has been,

But now I hold my heart close within.

Waiting patiently for the one,

For whom all my love shall belong.


But my dear, who fell so hard,

I leave you with my best regards.

One year has gone, and another comes anew,

But I will always remember you.

For even if I forget your face,

Your memories shall never be erased.


Happy year to date,

From when I went away.



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