A-Musing Adventures: The Hermit’s Home Pt 4

“Uh… hi.”

The smiley face blinked.

“Right……” I scrutinized the yellowish-blue circle with the dot-eyes and mouth suspended within, “say, could you maybe help me get out from this cabinet? The lower half of my body has already gone numb.”

The smiley face just blinked again.

“I’ll take that as a no…..” I layed my head back down and tried to think. But it was hard to think when there is a creepy smiley face of your own creation staring at you. I tried again to push the heavy cabinet off me but it wouldn’t budge. Instead, I only succeeded in sending down my legs that uncomfortable pins and needles feeling you get when a part of your body falls asleep.

I was stuck, I was really stuck.

Any minute now Mr. Jenkins would come looking for us. It was only a matter of time until I was free…. or having my blood pressure-washed from the floor. I closed my eyes and waited for my doom.

I lay, wallowing in my soon-to-be down fall…. “This is it, this is the end. My life was short and sweet… Short. And. Sweet. I’ve had many good adventures…. most of them were fictional…. but they were something! There was so much I wanted to do. I wanted to get really famous, then stalk people at Barnes & Noble who picked up my book. I wanted to finish all my stories. I wanted to find my true love. I wanted to eat more chocolate, darn it! But now it’s all over. There’s nothing left for me but doom…..DOOOOOM I tell you!”

A soft little cat paw started batting my nose.

“Not now Muse! Can’t you see you see I’m monologuing and preparing myself for my inevitable end!” I moaned, flinging my arm dramatically over my forehead.

“I understand, Mistress,” said my cat calmly, “but you might just want to see this.”

“What?” I propped myself on my elbows and looked around, “what is it?”

“The paint,” Muse replied, “it’s gone.”

Scanning the floor around me, I saw broken paint bottles comply dry, and the only paint I would see were the ones still tight inside their jars.

I turned my head all around, “But… where did they go?”

Muse paused, scratched his ear, yawn, and pointed to the corner with the end of his tail, “It looks like they’re over in that corner.”


“Yep. Your creepy smiley face and the blobs of paint.”

“Really? what are they doing?” I tried desperately to arch my neck and shoulders around, “Tell me what they are doing! I can’t see!”

“Well…” Muse sat proud and proper on my chest, chin lifted, tail tucked tightly around his paws, “it looks like they are talking. All the little blobs are in a circle around the smilely, it sound like… ” Muse tilted his head and let one pointed ear twitch, “like they are talking to something in the ceiling.”

Excitement jolted me a little more upright, “Wait, you can understand them? That’s perfect! How can you do that?”

Muse just gave me a very arched look, “Plot conveyance. You have been stuck under this cabinet for a while.”

“Oh, right.” My enthusiasm deflated for a moment, then picked back up like a burp that reminds you what you had for lunch. “Well hey! Go talk to them and ask if they can help me up!”

“At last she catches on,” Muse sighed. Unfurling his wings, he bound up into the air and glided off to a corner. I waited patiently, planning my will and last words. Just in case.


Will the animate blogs of paint recuse her? Will she finish her will in time? Will anyone find her hidden stash of chocolate if she dies? Find out next week!

Part 3                                                                                                                                           Part 5


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