Couple’s Questions with Muse

“Hey muse! You wanna help me with somethin’?”


“It will be fuuuuun!”

“What’s it about?”

“Well I saw this couple’s post on Facebook where you asked the other person to answer questions about you, and it looks like fun!”

“Yeah. And….. how does this involve me?”

“Oh come on now, you know I’m single as a Pringle. I don’t have anyone else to do this with.”

“But…. don’t Pringle come in cans…. With a lot of other pringles? I don’t think a Pringle is the best analogy for singlehood.”

“Whatever, it rhymes. Point being, I want to do this, but I don’t have anyone to do it with.”

“….. So you want me to do it with you?”

“Sure, why not?”

“You really want me saying whatever I want about you?”

“Yeah! Um, well….. Actually…..”

“Too late! I accept! Hit me with your best shot.”

“Okay, here we go!”


What is something I always say? Stuff about your Imaginary friend.

What makes me happy? Getting work done on your stories. And chocolate.

What makes me sad? Wasting time and running out of chocolate.

How tall am I? Tall enough for me to run into you when I’m flying. Which is really annoying you know.

What’s my favorite thing to do? Dance. Talk, especially about stories. And chocolate.

What do I do when you’re not around? Cry.

If I become famous, what will it be for? Largest amount of chocolate eaten in one sitting. And maaaaaybe your stories. Maybe.

What makes you proud of me? Not having killed me yet.

What is my favorite food? It starts with a C….. and ends with an ocolate.

What is my favorite restaurant? You’re too cheap for restaurants.

Where is my favorite place to visit? The land of Make Believe.

How do I annoy you? Ahehehe, too many to say.

What is my favorite movie? No clue.

Who is my celebrity crush? You don’t care enough about people who we’ve never met to have a crush.


“There. Happy now, Mistress?”


“Imma take a nap then.”

“Wait, but I still need you to help me with plotting-”




2 thoughts on “Couple’s Questions with Muse

  1. Haha you should have had a friend answer those questions. And I thought you crushed on Doctor Who a little, always loved his hair 😉

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