A-Musing Adventures: The Hermit’s Home Pt 6

I waited, watching the little blobs continue their useless effort to free me. The tiles on the floor made snake-like patterns if you looked long enough, and there were approximately 142 bottles of unbroken paint laying around me.

“Muse? Are you done yet?” I called

No replay came. Everything was quiet, far too quiet, even the rumbling and movement of the floor had stopped. I started to panic. If the floor has stopped moving that must mean Mr. Jenkins has stopped his drill-home, which means he’s probably on his way back here right now! Why hasn’t Muse came back yet? Has he already been caught? How will I get out of this? What if I can’t? What will Mr. Jenkins do when he finds me?!

“Muse!” I shouted again, then suddenly afraid I would be heard, called to him in a hoarse whisper, “muse!” Then thought to myself, But how is that going to work? If he can’t hear a shout how is he suppose to hear a whisper?

My panic reviving, I again began struggling desperately against the fallen cabinet. I pushed and strained, twisted my hips and tried to pull my legs out, sit up and try to push it off, bang my fists against the cabinet and hope it just goes away. Meanwhile, the paint blobs and Mr. Smiles danced around me and tried to assist, without any success.

My fist slammed once more against the stubborn wood, then slid down and collapsed on the floor. With all my energy and hope gone I lay motionless on the floor, silent tears streaming from the side of my eyes.

“Mistress?” Muse brushed against my cheeks, taking my tears away with a sweep of this tail, “I found some friends.”

I quickly propped myself on my elbows and looked at him, before my attention was immediately drawn to the multitude of funny looking creatures around me. They were…. animals I supposed. But with all the spots, curling horns, technicolor fur, and odd-shaped bodies, they looked like animals from Dr Seuss or some alien planet.

I thought about screaming or asking question, but there was no time, I could already hear footsteps coming down the hallway.

“Great! Now get me up, we have to get out of here!” I said in a panicked whisper, “he’s almost here!”

My cat conducted some of the biggest of the gathered animals to the fallen cabinet. The one that looked like a saber-tooth giraffe dropped its long neck and wedged its head under the cabinet; while the other, a griffin like creature with purple fur, clamped his claws on the corner of the cabinet and opened his mighty wings. Together they pushed and pulled. The cabinet started to rock back.

The footsteps grew louder

“Hurry! He’s getting closer!”

The two animals gave another mighty push, and it was just enough for me to kick my legs free while a monkey with four arms pulled me free.

The cabinet leaned, wobbled, then toppled to the ground with a crash. And at the same moment all the lights went out.


Finally free from the cabinet! But what will happen next!?!? 

Part 5                                                                                                                                                          Part 7


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