2016 Season Two!

3……. 2…….. 1……. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!


At the time this is published, I will be partying the night away at my brothers wedding reception. Dancing, games, karaoke, more dancing, talking, and shooting a canon at midnight. It’s going to be a party to remember! But enough of that, I hope all of you are looking forward to the new year with friends, family, or even just a good book. Enjoy the passing of one year to another!

So…. 2016…. it’s been quite a year. Was it good? was it bad? Depends how you look at it. On a large perspective the world has kinda gone crazy. Some of the crazy is potentially good, but still crazy. However, on a personal level, 2016 has been a year of change and adventure.

In this year; I became an official “adult,” wrote around 70,000 words on one of my novels (as well as other stories) traveled to new places, got my first real job, became a sunday school teacher, my dad went back to work after five years of only being a chicken farmer,  and my brother is getting married. And, I became an official author.

That’s right, I’m having one of my works of fiction published! I’m officially an author! It’s a big moment for any writer when they have their first publication. But for me, well…. ever since I got serious about writing around four years ago, I’ve had this dream to have something published by the time I was 18. I would have called it a goal, but I didn’t think it would actually come true, but it has! Woohoo!

Mine is a short story titled: At the Edge of Detachment, coming out in an anthology called Forbidden Thoughts. The release date is set for January 20th, so I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the details, so stay tuned!

Back to this year, it is one I will not soon forget. So much is changing, and will just continue to in the coming years. Many adventures await me. It’s scary, in a way. I anticipate my life will change in ways it will never reverse from. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, just a new thing. I’m at one of those cross roads, where my life could really go any direction, I could travel, school, write, work, anything. Like I said, scary, but exciting. We’ll see where this year takes us.

In the meantime, let’s see how my resolutions did this past year!

2016 New Years Resolutions

1. Write more! At least 5,000 words a week!

Only sometimes could I meet that goal, but I do think my writing speed improved, and I got three-quarters though my manuscript this year, so not too bad for me! Certainly the most I’ve written in a given year

2. Get myself a little more fit, eat a little healthier, and complete the workout challenges I started

Eh…… nope. I’m still pretty healthy and fit (being a dancer and all) but nothing has really changed.

3. Get my splits and turn out!

Still no splits, turn out hasn’t changed. But I do think my turns have improved! So there’s that!

4. Study more, especially for the ACT

*crickets* I wrote novels…. does that count?

5. Keep my horses in good working shape and improve them

With vacations and getting a job, I didn’t get much of a chance to do anything extra. But at least they’re still alive and ride-able.

6. Study more theology and pray a daily rosary

Sometimes. Still something to work on.

7. Use my time wiser and be more productive

It’s baby steps, but compared to the year before, I have been more productive, so yay!

8. And enjoy life, and make it good.

Now this…. this gets a %100.

2017 New Years Resolutions

For this year, I’m going to keep it simple:

1. Pray more

2. Write more

3. Forgive more

4. Read more

Keep it simple and to the core of things, keep myself open to what my next path is. Maybe that will be my theme for this year, we’ll see what happens. But you know…. with as much people complained how AWFUL this year was, it really wasn’t all that bad, and sure as kek interesting! 2016…. the year that felt more like an anime then reality. Here’s to looking forward to another great year, 2016 Season Two!

See you on the flip side, and Happy New Year! From your humble hostess, Muse, and all the imaginary friends!

EDIT: I totally didn’t realize this never posted… so I’m a couple days late. Woops! But still hope you enjoy!


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