Writing Update: Back to Writing

The holidays have come and gone, my brother’s wedding has been set up and celebrated, and the first few days of buzz surrounding the release of Forbidden Thoughts (now out in paperback fyi) has gone down. Plus, I finally got my room cleaned and organized. I feel like I can at last get back into a routine of writing and get on into the new year!

I have many things I want to complete, and many more ideas I want to get rolling. There is, of course, my main WIP, of which I am certainly editing the first book. There’s also the slightly more difficult task of illustrating another story, but I’m going to tackle this summer. And aside of that, there’s a handful of short stories and ideas I want to flesh out, and trying to keep up something steady and entertaining here on my blog. While at the same time working part-time and spending the other part of my time at my dance studio. So you know, busy as usual.

I know how the first part of this year will go: Work, dance, write. But after that, who knows? I’m excited to see what happens. I’m just looking forward to enjoying the time I have left and getting back to writing.

Hope your year is going as well as mine is! Cheers!



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