Quick Update: Job Change

I feel guilty for not posting for almost two weeks and leaving y’all on a cliff hanger. I promise I’m writing it and will have it out at some point! Eventually!

That’s the not so good news. But the GOOD news is I’m switching jobs! I was working in the Kroger Deli, but I got a better Job being a monogrammer (doing embroidery with a fancy machine) at locally owned boutique called Paula’s.

No more having to stand on my feet forever. I can sit and stand and dance however I like! It’s a good balance.

No more never knowing what my schedule is going to be. I have three set days to work. I can actually have a routine and be able to make plans and shift my work hours if I need too much easier!

No more having people steal my hours. They have a lot of work for me to do, and so as many hours as I can possibly handle.

No more dealing with customers! (although I did really like chatting with some of the costumes at the deli.) But still, it could be really stressful having people standing around waiting on you as you frantically try to take and finish orders.

No more of the my guys coworkers asking me out and staring at me. I’m hid away upstairs with a nice view of the floor and shop below, only one guy that works there is the owner’s son and much older than me. Plus the only guys that would come into that store are the guys that are dragged in by their wife or girlfriend.

I can just sit up in my corner, singing to myself, figuring out how to fit the design, being creative! And patiently, oh so patiently, measuring and framing things, then re-measuring and double and triple checking everything before running it on the machine. But I’m getting the hang out it, and loving it!

So that is what’s happening with me outside of writing. And speaking of writing, I wrote a short story last month, and I’m trying to finish my A-Musing story before Muse gets so impatient he bites my head off. We have a lot of projects going on in the SuperversiveSF that I want to keep up on, plus a trilogy that has been sadly neglected lately.

A few more months and dance will be done (ending my last year as a student there *tear*) But I’ll have a bit more time, and we’ll see where the summer takes me.

Life is busy, but I’ll try not to forget about the whole tens of people who come to my little corner of the interwebs for something to read and entertain them. Look out for the next installments of A-Musing stories and whatever else I come up with. (also, if you have anything you’d like me to write about, please comment and tell me. I’m always up for and appreciate new ideas)

Until then…. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Quick Update: Job Change

  1. Well I’m happy that You’re happy for the change! Congratulations!
    Don’t worry about where You “leave” us narratively. This Is a side project for You, and we can wait.

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