Writing Update: A Weekend of Birthdays

Hello readers! How has life been? Just a little update here for y’all.

I’m starting to adjust to my new schedule. Between dance, work, writing, and all the things I’m trying to do, it seems like I barely have time to breath. But I manage – some days better than others. The biggest difficulty is that I want to spend a lot of time during the weekend writing, but I get busy a lot on the weekend being with family and whatnot.

For example, this weekend I had three birthday parties in three days. Friday a friend was having her party at a pizza place next to my work, so after working all day I went there, ate free pizza, hung out, and danced. Saturday was my brother’s birthday. And so, again after work, I picked up pizza and headed home to spend the evening hanging out with everyone. Sunday was my little birthday party, even though my day of birth is today (Yay, happy birthday to me). I didn’t have work, only church, and did have a few hours to get a few things done before people showed up. The party consisted of a handful of friends and siblings sitting around playing apples to apples, eating delicious food (thanks mom!) and being tired and loopy. It was low-key and crazy, just how I like it.

One of my presents was a picture drawn specially for me. A depiction of what I REALLY look like. Especially at 2am. In a writing frenzy. Trying to finish a story.

(Note the complete exhaustion on my face, and the utter satisfaction on Muse’s. This is how our relationship goes :p)

Last week I kinda didn’t sleep, but also didn’t really get anything done either….. I’ll just call that my adjusting week and move on. But I can’t afford to throw away anymore time! I have stories for the Planetary anthology to write!

What is the Planetary anthology you ask? Well, it’s one of the latest projects going on at the Superversive press. We’re currently taking submission, so if you’re interested, follow the link to learn more about it and how to contribute.

So yeah, just life right now. Another year has passed, and I still haven’t found Neverland (bummer). I’ll definitely be taking a bit of a break from here if I feel my head exploding too much with everything I already have going on. But hope everyone else is doing well, and I’ll leave with this piece of a review talking about my story in Forbidden Thoughts:

However, do NOT read “At the Edge of Detachment” by A.M. Freeman at night. You will not be able to sleep. This was very disturbing and very dark, and extremely, poignantly, related to real life. It makes you wonder if we are living the nightmare, and wake up into the book instead. This did not read like a young author’s first published work, and gave me more chills at the second reading.                                                                   James Nealon



-A.M. Freeman




7 thoughts on “Writing Update: A Weekend of Birthdays

  1. First of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Second: Take it easy! How’s your New job?
    Third: I think I’m going to try and partecipate to Planetary Fiction. Promise me you wont laugh too much

    • PS: holey moley that’s right you write the month before the day in the date in America so It’s 3/14; PI day! Never occurred to me, so cool.

      • Thank you for the well wishes, my one loyal fan!

        The job is going great! I’m steadily improving. Not perfect, but I’m getting there 😉 Today I got pretty much all of my items done, and my boss seemed impressed!

        I can’t slow down :-p Too much to do…. so little time….. and I’d always rather by writing.

        Wonderful! I can wait! Best of luck with your submission!

        Hope you’ve had wonderful day as well!

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