Update: I’m Back And Here To Stay!

What a month this has been!
First off, greetings to all those I met at DragonCon! It was great meeting new people and talking to friends, plus being introduced to authors I admire. There were sooooo many people! It was a little overwhelming at times, but it was definitely fun seeing all the costumes and doing cosplays myself. I didn’t hardly sleep, but who ever sleeps are DragonCon anyway? I had a lovely time and will likely be back next year.
The weeks leading up to DragonCon were a bit crunched and stressful. As I was working 43 hours a week, plus commuting an hour, while also having to plan and pack for DragonCon, and not to mention preparing to move to Virginia for a few months. It was a lot – almost too much – but I made it through somehow. However, my writing suffered, to a point where I basically had to set all my writing aside until I got through the madness.
Honesty, that’s how most of the year went. I’d been working since last August. First at Kroger, then running an embroidery machine and doing monogram orders at a boutique downtown, for about 6 months each.  It got rough in the spring when I was dancing three nights a week, working 25 hours a week, a teaching an extra ballet class and sunday school class. I had the light at the end of the tunnel, and was able to hang on until dance ended. Things went pretty well, until I decided I was going to quit, and then had to start working full-time, and figure out going on vacation, then DragonCon, then Virginia….. it left little time to figure out plotting and writing out the stories I had way over due.
And so, being the crazy young person I am, I quit my job, packed my car, and am now in Virginia being a Starving Artist TM! (at least til I get the next check from my publisher) And to move in with my favorite authors and learn all their secrets! Muhaha!
But really, I am extremely excited to be immersed in this world and FINALLY get some writing done! It’s been too long, I am way out of my discipline, and I have many short stories I have to write as quick as I can! I’m looking forward to getting better and deeper into my craft, and getting more active on the blogs and social media. So hit me up! I set up new pages with links, so they will be easy to find. But just in case, I’ll also drop them here.
I’m soooooo happy this new adventure is about the begin, and I can’t wait to see how it goes!
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6 thoughts on “Update: I’m Back And Here To Stay!

  1. Good to have you back, April. Let’s see what you come up with now. Don’t let your Forbidden Thoughts work be your only thing.

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