Wrighting Update: Half Way Through

So, when I said I wanted to stay updated on my blog, I didn’t mean for it to take a month until I wrote another post! But to be fair, I have been very busy writing other things – mainly planetary stories and my homework assignments.

Mostly, I’d been working on my Mercury story for the Planetary anthology that will be put out by Superversive press. I actually finished the story some months ago – finished writing it, that is. But when my editor emailed me asking for updated versions or edits… I realized I hadn’t  gone back and edited. So then it went something like this:

“Ok, I’ll just go over it all and clean it up, fix the spelling and grammar. I can edit 40 pages in one evening, right?”

“Well, that might not really be doable. It should take about a week, hopefully.”

“You know, I should tweak this in the story…”

“I should move this scene to the beginning…”

“That’s it! I’m rewriting half the story!”

Three weeks later….. I finally got it how I want it, improved the story, and just have the line editing to finish up. *Phew* That had been driving me crazy! Especially since it has pushed back my schedule for all the other planetary stories I have planned. I have my work cut out for me… I’ll try to keep you updated!

Aside from that, I’ve had my different assignments and homework relating to the Wright Writing class. It’s been a blast! We started with sentences, grammar, paragraphs, and articles. Basically we learned how to craft words and convey your ideas effectively and gracefully. Now we’ve moved on to stories; starting with descriptions, then the basics of story, followed by characters and plot, and on and on.

We’re about halfway through the two month course. I’ve already learned quite a bit. Mostly how to recognize things I’ve already been doing, so that I can be aware of what I’m doing, and therefore more effective. The exercises have been fun; I’ll definitely have to post some of them and talk about it!

Sometimes it strikes me how crazy this is. Being in another state, doing my thing, hanging out, and learning from some of my favorite people. I’ve been doing things outside of writing: trying out local coffee shops and restaurants, visiting Staunton for Harry Potter day, going to ballet class, watching movies, and playing games. It’s all been grand. Plus I enjoy a bit of space on the weekends when I hang out at my aunt’s house, where I have a whole room to myself. It’s about an hour away, but at least I get practice driving and merging on busy roads. Which is something I’d been needing to practice.

It’s so, so wonderful to be able to write, and do nothing but that if I wish. On the weekends at my aunt’s, I have spent hours, and whole days, sitting at the kitchen table writing. Once, at the Wright’s house, I stayed up until 6am because I felt I hadn’t written enough over the past couple days; so my cat demanded I sit in that chair and not move until I hit a certain goal. I only went to bed because I figured it would be easier to fall asleep on the couch before people woke up and started their day around me. I woke up at 1:30pm that day.

There have been other, not as extreme, times where late into the night the only sound to be heard was the tapping of keyboards as I and Mr and Mrs Wright all worked on our stories. It’s a surreal but wonderful feeling. It’s like living with a best friend for a while – if the best friend were to you like J.K. Rowling is to a lot of people. You hang out and have fun, but also see sneak peeks into their newest works – or all the spoilers about it.  While at the same time, learning all their secrets. It’s great fun!

Fangirl points achieved!



2 thoughts on “Wrighting Update: Half Way Through

  1. Staying with the Wrights, working on your stories together, getting to sneak peeks at their writing, and even just hanging out with them: that all sounds so amazing!

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