Happy New Year! 2018!

Happy New Year!!!

A week into 2018 and how do I feel? Pretty fabulous! 2017 brought a whole TON of changes, more than any other year to date. So what major things happened?

1. Enjoyed the release of my first publication.

2. My newly married brother and his wife announced they were expecting.

3. I quit my first official job and got a different one.

4. I performed in my last dance recital, after 12 years of dancing at my beloved studio.

5. I fell in love.

6. Quit my job to live with my favorite authors for a few months and learn all their secrets.

7. Travel. A lot. Taking my first road trip by myself, and thus finally get comfortable driving on the interstate.

8. Became an Aunt

9. Got engaged.

At the beginning of 2017, I felt a great sense of openness that both excited and terrified me. My life as I knew it was changing. My simple days of dancing, writing, and working with my horses was coming to an end. And although I would dearly miss dancing and my childhood days, I knew grander adventures and opportunities awaited me. But what were those adventures? Where did my path lead next? That was the scary part. But I just kept myself open, prayed, and tried things out.

I worked part-time and full-time. I taught ballet class and Sunday school class. I dealt with work related situations, like co-workers trying to ask me out or bosses demanding results I simply couldn’t give. I attended a few cons, met some awesome people and got recognized a few times for my work. I lived away from home for two months. And I had way too much fun teasing boys with my imaginary “joust” for my hand, until one finally tamed my siren heart and put a ring on it 😉

Now, at the beginning of 2018, I know exactly where I’m going. The path ahead won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. God works in mysterious and wonderful way. And with his help, anything is possible.

Okay, let’s go over resolutions.

2017 Resolutions

1. Pray more: Moderately achieved. I kept it up at least.

2. Write more: Part of the year, like when I was working, no. Unless scribbling down ideas on napkins or having 30 minutes before work count.

3. Forgive more: I’m not sure what I was supposed to forgive, maybe be more forgiving with myself? That’s difficult, but I tried.

4. Read more.

Haha… ha… ha… *cries*

2018 Resolutions

1. Plan my wedding

2. Write and submit all my planetary stories. (3 done, 8 to go, and the first one comes out next week!)

3. Work on my longer projects

4. Finish Chica’s (my mustang) training.

5. Learn spanish

6. Work on managing time and schedules

So long 2017, you’ve been grand. Helloooooo 2018! Let’s see what adventures are in store 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year! 2018!

  1. Congratulations, April! May the Lord bless your engagement!
    (Sorry I was late this year. I had teeth to pull right untill the last minute).

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