Diaries of a Wistful Dancer

This was the first time in 12 years I have not danced in the Footsteps in Faith recital. This so bittersweet. My body and heart long to be up there, to be in the rushed changes, the tiredness, the work. But also with my friends, being lost in the dance and preforming and just worshiping the good Lord with my movements, skilled and refined. I miss that moment when the dance ends and you freeze, dripping sweat and trying to caught your breath as you pose gracefully. Then the applause of the audience swells up and surrounds you. There’s nothing like it.

This time I got to be a part of that audience, I got to see and appreciate all the hard work these dances and teaches put into the show. I got to be swept away with their movements and bask in the joy radiating from their faces. It’s almost painful that I’m not with them, it feels so wrong to be in street clothes and shoes on that stage. But I am so proud of everyone I watched, my friends who will soon be leaving as well, little girls I’ve taught in years past and watched slowly getting bigger, the amazing teaches that have had such an incredible impact on my life, and my sweet little sister, who still has many years to dance at this amazing studio.

My heart aches to again be apart of something that was so much of my life for my childhood and adolescent years, yet it knows that even better things await me. Sometimes opening one door, means closing another. I’m about to begin a whole new adventure, and the next phase in my life is about to unfold. And while I wait in anticipation about what is to come, I know I will hold onto dance, no matter where I go, and a piece of my heart will forever be at RCB, in my Rome sweet home❤️PSX_20180120_230545.jpg


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