7 Year Old’s Review: The Series of Unfortunate Events

My seven-year old sister came into my room today while I was working, and said all excited, “April, I keep forgetting to tell you, but me and Mom finished reading the 13th book in the Baudelaire series!”

It was so cute to see her, in her pjs, long thin braids hanging on either side of her round cheeks, her big grin showing off the gaps where a tooth or two was missing, and her brown eyes shining.

The picture of childhood and imagination. It was adorable. Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire.

It was made even more so by the fact that the Series of Unfortunate Events was a favorite of mine as a kid. I listened to them all on audio books. (except for the last one, which I didn’t get to until years later when I could read.) My neighborhood friends and I even had something called the Baudelaire game; where I’d be Sunny, my friend Daniel would be Klaus, and his sister Lauren would be Violet. We’d take a backpack, fill it with random junk for Violet to “invent” things with, books for Cluse to “read”, and blocks for Sunny to “chew on”. It was a blast going around the yard and woods, fighting an imaginary Count Olaf and his minions. Many adventures and misadventures ensued, followed by great memories.

Needless to say, I was happy when mom started reading them to my little sis, and enjoyed listening to when she’d give me updates to where they were in the story. It’s wonderful to see her love of stories are growing as mine did, with books as crazy and fun as the Baudelaire series. So when she come in all excited to tell me about it, I happy to stopped and listen. And then decided to get her do a min interview with me, and here’s what transpired. Enjoy 🙂


What do you think of the Series of Unfortunate Events?

Lemony Snicket keeps telling you to stop reading the book, but I couldn’t because it was so good.

Why do you thinks it’s good?

*Thinking* The only bad thing about it is a lot of people die. But I started reading with mom when I was six and it’s just… *has to think more by laying on my bed* It’s just like, this happens then this happens, and it just goes everywhere, which I think that’s good.

Who’s your favorite character, and why?

Violet. Because I want to be an inventor, and she’s an inverter, and we think alike, aside from the enormous age gap.

Who’s your least favorite character, and why?

Count Olaf. Basically, he’s a bad guy and does bad stuff. And in last book he did something really weird I don’t like.

If you could pick a favorite books from the series, which would it be?

*has to go think about that for a little bit*

*goes and lies on my bed again*

*Comes back a minute later*

Her: The end.

Me: The last book?

Her: Well the book is called the end, it’s the last book, you could also call it book 13.

Me: Did you know, when you were born and just a few days old, I read part of that book to you?

Her: *looks surprised* Really? I didn’t know that!

Me: Do you think that’s why you like it?

Her: No, it’s just a good book!


What do you like most about the last book and why?

When they arrive at the island, because once you arrive there all exciting things happen.

What’s one critique you’d give of the last book?

On the last book when he kept saying, the end the end the end the end. That got kinda annoying and I didn’t want it to be there.

What do you like about the series overall?

Every book there’s always… well he corrects and explains the words I didn’t know the meaning to.

So how do you feel now after finishing the series ?

Well…. I just kinda feel bad-ish, because I wanted it to gone on, but now I’m kinda happy because now I can find a new series to read.

Any closing thoughts?


So that was our interview, hope you were amused, I know I was! Until next time, cheers!


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