The Epicness That Was LibertyCon 31

First off, I meant to do this post days ago, but kept sleeping and talking to new friends. So I told myself, “That’s ok, tickets go on sale today, so I’ll just do a blog post in the morning and let everyone know while telling my experience of the con this year.” And then the con had to go and FREAKING SELL OUT IN 6 HOURS!!!  Holy hot tamales! The con runners where blown away! They usually don’t sell out until March!

My theory of why this happened is:

  1. It’s right after LC31 so it’s fresh on everyone’s minds
  2. It’s a holiday, so most people are off work and have time to snag their tickets
  3. With all the hype of how fast the tickets were going, there was a great rush as everyone wanted to make sure they got their ticket


So boom, there you go. A sold out con in 6 hours. For those of you that didn’t get a ticket, hurry up and email Brandy at

So not to brag or anything to those that won’t be able to make it next year, but now I’m going to talk about how awesome LC31 was!

Everyone knows the party starts Thursday night. My trip was only an hour in light traffic, but there was a bit of searching to be done when I realized the City Café Diner – where I was supposed to meet up for dinner – was closed for renovations until the morning.  Trying to pick a new location and finding people you only know from the internet is always fun – because you have no idea where you’re going or what they look like.  Eventually they were found, dinner was had, room parties were invaded, and friends were made – Cindy and Scott Kunzelman, Julie Frost, and Dorothy Grant- it was a pleasure. Soon I was asleep and ready for the weekend of fun to come.

Friday morning, I’d already had a salad, but who would turn down a second breakfast in wonderful company? Not I! Dorothy and her husband were present, as well as a HUGE plate of tater tots. And thankfully, I found the teddy-bear version of Larry Correia rather than the scary straw-man Larry, so that was a relief!





I went to from one hated cinnamon roll to another when I found the greatly feared, leading Hispanic voice in science fiction… Jon Del Arroz! Also known  by his rap name, Hustla.

I was then forced – and by that I mean I insisted on – doing an interpretive dance as he read the poem “The Snake”

I just want to take a moment to say how sweet and kind these two men are. And yet they get so much libel and hate thrown at them – just because they have different politics and opinions. If you hear some nasty buzz word being thrown at them like racist, misogynist, Nazi, or whatever, don’t believe it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even if there’s something you might disagree with them on, they are always civil and professional. And like I said, the kindest, most genuine people you’ll ever meet.

They just want to write good books and let everyone have a good time no matter what your views or politics are.  And that really is what LibertyCon is all about too. Come together on the shared love of fiction and leave the rest at the door. It’s a true gem to have a con still like this.







Later in the evening was my first ever panel! Sitting from right to left are: Hans Schantz, Monalisa Foster, Julie Frost, Arlan Andrews, L. Jagi Lamplighter, A. M. Freeman (me),  Jody Lynn Nye, JD Jorden, Hustla, John C Wright, and Lou Antonelli.

We had a decent sized attendance, maybe 10 -20 people. And since the Wrights were still fighting the last bit of traffic, I got to play moderator until they arrived – and got everyone to sing happy birthday to Jagi! A few others arrived late, like Hustla, and Lou was still on central time and thought it was 3:30 when it was actually 4:30.  But all was well, everyone got a chance to talking about their stories, and it was a good time all around!

 Happy Frogs flash mob happened after a fantastic opening ceremony, with a historically  hilarious speech by Chuck Gannon. Happy Frogs are winners!


The evening ent by with other events, like Tom Kratman talking about the art of war. My last scheduled event of the day was an author alley at 10pm…. where the legend of the dancing cow was born!!

For each book that was sold, I would do a dance in my cow oneies. It was adorable (ok, maybe the horse head wasn’t) but everyone loved it. Plus I love dancing and did so whether people wanted me too or not.

Afterwards, it was time to hit up the parties, where the silliness of the cow was further spread. More connections were made – looking at you Hillbilly. And I get some funny reactions when people learned I was only 20. But next year…. next year will be interesting. If dancing as a cow is what I come up with sober…. Who knows hat next year holds in store!

Saturday, the big C arrived. And my heart was happy ❤ We spent the day going to panels, trying to meet people, napping in the con suit, and getting dinner at Sticky Fingers. (yum!)

It’s funny, for the weekend I had spent $20 on bread and peanut butter and jelly for sandwiches, some salad packs and a few other snacks – figured that would be enough to sustain me over the weekend. But between going out with people a few times, the food in the suit, and my habit of grazing, I barely touched the food I brought.

And here we see all three of my fans at my reading. Ok ok, there were a few others that came. I also did a livestream of it on my facebook, so despite it happening when most everyone was at the banquet, we had some people engaging and having a good time!


Then is was the Wright’s turn. And with the pair of them doing voices, as well as me making the Lucky scarf fly around, their reading was a hoot!

Unfortunately, Tom got a scratch on his eye and had to wear a patch. But it made him look like a pirate, so we had to take a picture. Arrr! It was good seeing him again.





And remember the cow dance? Of course you do. Well everyone else knew at that point, and at the second author alley around 2pm I was awarded a metal. I think I earned it, everyone loves a dancing cow!

With a slight nagging head ache, and only about an hour sleep on my love, we decided to take a break from all the action to have a quiet meal at Sticky Fingers… while we plotted world domination, or something like that.





Last time at our table! It was 10pm, I was pretty worn out, but I was determined to give the cow one last good run! We still had people coming by. Got to wave at Larry and Tom while dressed as a cow, so those life goals are met.

Dan Hoyt had a good laugh at it all, and he suggested I start putting up the dancing clips on YouTube. It’s an interesting idea. I’ve started pulling all the videos together… comment below if I should start an Official Dancing Girl channel, for all my book related dancing!

Sunday Morning came, and after an early mass, we hung out out at the Kaffeeklatsch. Talk drifted through the air, Dawn roped me into posing as a cover model for a book, and Larry and I swapped cow stories.


The Monster Files roundtable was the other highlight of Sunday. Once darling left to go back to the land of the flat, the hot, and the studying, I got to listen to some top-notch authors talk about some top-notch fiction. I especially enjoyed the stories of how everyone met Larry and/or got involved. A very entertaining panel!

After everything was all said and done, I decided to take up the invite and join in the meat sweat. As per usual, I was talking to much to really got full or completely enjoy all the wonderful meat, but I did make some very wonderful friends. Jason Cordova, Jasmine Degroot, and Thesally Jane among them.







So that’s a wrap LC31.

It’s still insane how fast next year’s tickets sold out, but I can not wait! Hope to see everyone there again! Now go have an epic 4th of July and year to come! Peace out y’all!


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