Submission Call for Charity Anthology: Impossible Hope

Edit: Submissions are now closed. Thank you so much to everyone who donated! We’re now working on putting the anthology together.


For six years, Bonnie Oliver has gone from doctor to doctor seeking answers for her physical and neurological symptoms, finding no help while her condition worsened to the point where she could not leave her home unaided, and even then for only short periods of time. Finally in 2018, she got some answers: Complex Chiari Malformation, Craniocervical and Atlanto-axial Instability and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome type three.

If you think that’s a mouthful to say, it’s much harder living with it.

Both Chiari Malformation and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome have no cure, but there is a surgery that can help Bonnie. In order to prevent further nerve damage, and impending paralysis or death, she needs to have a complex surgical procedure.

The surgery is set for March 13th with a long and difficult recovery period afterward. The cost to Bonnie’s family after insurance is a tremendous $110,000, including significant amounts of travel to the specialists who can perform this surgery. They don’t have that kind of money sitting on hand.

But we can make up the difference.

With the help of Bonnie’s brother, a good friend of mine, we are putting together an anthology of hope inspiring stories to give to everyone who donates to Bonnie’s GoFundMe. To do that, I need stories. So if you are an author — or anyone that can tell a good story — and are willing to donate a story, please don’t hesitate to email me at It can be a reprint, something you’ve had lying around, or a new story just for this.

Considerations for those submitting:

1. Your story must be hope inspiring. Our theme is “overcoming great trials”.

2. You must have the rights to the story and be willing to donate the story for use in our anthology, Impossible Hope.

3. Submissions will close once I have enough stories to fill the anthology.

4. I’m flexible on word count, but we’re aiming for stories under 15,000 words.

5. Depending on the quantity and quality of stories received, not all may be accepted.

6. Once Bonnie’s surgery is funded, we plan to publish the book and have the proceeds go to funding Ehlers-Danlos Society for the benefit of those like Bonnie.

The stories can be in any genre. Non-fiction would be great as well! Do you have a real story where you’ve overcome something in your life, medical or otherwise? Write it up and send it in! The story can be any length. The writer can be anyone. It doesn’t matter if you have or haven’t been published before.

The other thing you can do is to go donate to the GoFundMe. Whether you can only spare a few dollars, or have the resources to give more, any help is appreciated.

And of course, don’t forget sharing and spreading the word is free, and one of the biggest ways you can help us!

Thank you for your time and consideration. And if you want to donate or learn more details about Bonnie’s surgery, it’s all on her GoFundMe page.

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