Diaries of a Wistful Dancer

This was the first time in 12 years I have not danced in the Footsteps in Faith recital. This so bittersweet. My body and heart long to be up there, to be in the rushed changes, the tiredness, the work. But also with my friends, being lost in the dance and preforming and just worshiping … Continue reading Diaries of a Wistful Dancer


Redheaded Readings Presents: At The Edge of Detachment

It is with great pleasure that I present the talented and beardiful, Ken Dickason, from the YouTube channel Celt Can Cook! He has started a new section called Redheaded Readings, and I am honored to have my story featured as the first official reading. Mr. Dickason does an incredible job! His reading adds so much … Continue reading Redheaded Readings Presents: At The Edge of Detachment

The Planetary Anthologies From Superversive Press

Throughout history, the planets of our solar system have meant many things to many people; The Planetary Anthologies explores the themes associated with these heavenly bodies as well as their mythological, and even astronomical significance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6ymQn1lkz4 Since the summer of last year, I've been working with Superversive Press on the Planetary Fiction series. This project is … Continue reading The Planetary Anthologies From Superversive Press

Rachel Griffin FREE TODAY!

FREE TODAY!!!!!!! Try out this amazing book, free on Amazon Kindle for today only. It's booming, sitting at the top 100 in all of Amazon Kindle! Don't miss out on the wonder, magic, and adventure! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FVJ7DAY/?tag=lampwright-20 Rachel Griffin wants to know everything. As a freshman at Roanoke Academy for the Sorcerous Arts, she has been … Continue reading Rachel Griffin FREE TODAY!