When The Satire Site Can’t Recognize Satire

It's happened! The day has come when my work was insulted and myself called a bad person because of my views! You can imagine my joy upon waking to discover this news among messages of congratulations by my fellows who also know what it's like to be spit on by the left. It's kinda strange how getting hate for … Continue reading When The Satire Site Can’t Recognize Satire


Update: Changing Tides

I'm writing this from a hospital room, where I have been camped out for the past few days with my good friend and her new baby boy. It's been a crazy weekend, true, but it's a perfect example of what I'm going to be writing about. I'm a pretty reflective person. I like to document my … Continue reading Update: Changing Tides

Planetary Earth Anthology Release!!

The Planetary Earth anthology is out today, and you can get it here!!! Superversive’s Planetary Anthology series dares to take us home for high adventure. Tales of explorers, lost worlds, strange and wondrous creatures, gods & goddesses of old, miraculous inventions, aliens, bots and post humans, brought together in this anthology of discovery and daring. Come … Continue reading Planetary Earth Anthology Release!!